Mouhsine Serrar
Founder AND CEO


Mouhsine worked in product design as a senior mechanical engineer and consultant for best-of-class multinational technology companies—including Motorola, Pitney Bowes, Intel, Boeing, and others—for more than 10 years. Nearly a decade ago, he discovered a new industry that he has dived into with excitement and passion: designing clean-burning, fuel-efficient cookstoves for developing countries.

Partha Talukder

Business Manager
Partha works on developing partnerships with investors, funders, and other organizations. He has varied experience in business consulting, having worked for MNCs like IBM, and also for startups. He holds an MBA in Finance from SDA Bocconi, Italy.





Sooday Jhaveri

Corporate Growth Manager

At Prakti, Sooday focuses on expansion and growth strategy, looking to build and maintain impact driven partnerships with distributors, impact investors and microfinance institutes. Sooday has an extensive and diverse background, from his work as a strategy consultant at a major consulting firm in New York. He has closely worked with C-suite from start-ups and Fortune 500 companies on developing innovative business strategies and improving processes across USA, Africa and India. Sooday also holds a Master’s in Engineering Management form The George Washington University, Washington D.C.

Duane Walker

Business and Engineering Coordinator

Duane works with the cross-functional team to ensure all work-streams are aligned with Prakti’s long term objectives. This includes coordinating projects on sales and marketing, customer feedback, and engineering improvements. Prior to working for Prakti, Duane worked as a mechanical engineer at Rolls-Royce in the UK. He holds a Master of Engineering from the University of Edinburgh.



Shaun Wang
Shaun Wang

Shaun is currently the CFO of a leading RFID engineering company and the Founder of Glyph, a philanthropic venture supporting underprivileged youths.

He started out as a passionate entrepreneur founding a social app, which was subsequently preloaded into a major telecom network.
Shaun has his professional experiences in Business Development, Management and Corporate Finance, where he has a proven track record acquiring major partnerships, breaking into new markets and surpassing sales expectations.

John Danner

John Danner is a Senior Fellow at Lester Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley. Mr. Danner has over 30 years of professional experience advising and managing both large, complex organizations and emerging start-up ventures. He served as a management consultant an worked in a diverse array of industry […]



Alice Lin
Alice Lin Fabiano

Alice Lin Fabiano is a global program manager for Johnson & Johnson’s corporate philanthropy group and leads its efforts at Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (“MAMA”), a public-private partnership with USAID, mHealth Alliance, UN Foundation and BabyCenter. Previously, she worked at The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (“CIFF”) focusing on projects related to indoor air pollution […]


mbj headshot
Mark Jacobs

Mark Jacobs retired from the practice of law in 2004 to devote full attention to projects in the areas of global health and environmental sustainability. He was an original member of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Darfur Stove Project.



Yoo-Mi Lee

Yoo-Mi Lee has 30 years of diverse business and international development experience. She currently manages a South Asian development portal and works on environmental and energy projects in South India.


Jessica (Wallack) Seddon
Dr. Jessica Seddon

Dr. Jessica Seddon is Head of Research at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, Bangalore. She is a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations and recently served as a CFR International Affairs Fellow working with the US-EPA. Prior to coming to IIHS, Dr. Seddon served as Director of the Centre for Development Finance and Professor at the Institute for Financial and Management Research in Chennai.

Nathalie Dupuis-Hepner

Consultant in Change and Knowledge management; Chief Knowledge Officer Ernst & Young (1996-2010), Nathalie has extensive experience in management, and working with multicultural teams in large companies.




Anne-Sophie Gervais
Anne-Sophie Gervais

Anne is passionate about social enterprises and impact. Anne provides support and her business experience in legal audits and certification of major corporations. She has a master’s degree in finance and accounting.



Aurélie Chénet

Deputy Director, Distribution and Logistics at Union Logistics Flammarion. Before handling logistics at Flammarion, Aurélie worked as a process consultant at Accenture and volunteered to set up and manage the audio-visual archives of Cambodia. She remains actively involved in improving SOPs of NGOs in Asia.