The Orka stove is a large capacity stove that runs on a variety of fuels and supports various cooking methods. It provides restaurants, institutions, and refugee camps around the world with 80% fuel savings and a sharp reduction of toxic emissions.

pngThe Orka stove is a modular stove that answers to diverse cooking situations. It is provided with a standard pot and also allows plancha/tawa and frying/kadai types of cooking. The stove runs on both wood fuel and greener fuels such as various kinds of recycled briquettes. It is available in three sizes: 40L, 80L or 200L to cook meals for 100, 200 and 500 people at once.



500 Prakti-Orka stoves have been distributed to Haitian schools by ILF-Haiti and the World Food Program. After a year of use here is what our local partner and Haitian cooks say about it:

testimony-orka“One of the signature products of Prakti that has received high praise in Haiti is the Prakti Orka. Prakti Orka is a hybrid stove being able to use wood and briquettes made from recycled material and paper waste products such as cardboard. Briquettes existed in Haiti for a long time but without a proper technology that could utilize their usage.” � Prakti’s implementation partner ILF

“The kitchen used to be unbearably hot and we would enter it only to stir the food from time to time. Working in a hot kitchen is like working in hell. And now working in a cool kitchen feels like heaven. Cook using an Orka stove at College Christophe (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)