The Leo wood stoves range comprises three stoves that answer local needs and cooking habits of various regions. They consistently reduce fuel consumption by 40%, toxic emissions by over 60%, and cooking time.

leosingleThe LeoSingle is Prakti’s single burner rocket stove that meets local cooking habits in many countries.




leotwinThe LeoTwin is a portable stove for indoor and outdoor use that features two burners. It was primarly developed for Indian cooks to allow the simultaneous cooking of rice and sauce. It will save fuel by 50% and reduce cooking time by 30% wherever meals are made of two or more dishes.



leochimneyThe LeoChimney is a two burner stove designed for indoor use. The stove reduces fuel consumption by 50% and its chimney evacuates the totality of the remaining hot gases and smoke. Chimney modules such as a meat smoker, a water heater and a space heater make up for the previous use of smoke in a healthy and efficent manner.



The Leo stoves are mainly disseminated in India and Nepal. Here is what women using our stoves say:

“I really like the Prakti stove because it is easy to use, only burns a little wood and doesn’t put smoke in my eyes.”

“I don’t smell of smoke now, my clothes smell clean, I am more confident as a person”

“Many people came here just to see this stove and everybody agrees it looks like a gas stove, not like something cheap that will not last!”

– Testimonies from women using the LeoChimney in urban slums and rural comunities served by our local partner CWS in Nepal.

Devi Singh, Pokhara, Nepal, with her Prakti chimney stove and its meat-dryer module (courtesy of Children Welfare Scheme, Nepal,