The Leo charcoal stove suits the needs of households and small restaurants wherever cooking is done on charcoal fires. It has proved to consistently reduce fuel consumption by 47% and toxic emissions by over 60% while scoring many points with cooks.

Prakti-stoveThe Leo charcoal stove receives tremendous enthusiasm from cooks and program implementers in Haiti and several countries in Africa – Kenya, Sudan, Senegal. It is a sturdy stove, easy to transport and store, that performs well while cooking large pots of food. It is available in two sizes to accomodate for the cooking needs of households, street food vendors and small restaurants.



The Leo charcoal stove is mostly distributed in Haiti today, under the local name of Prakti-Rouj. Here is what our implementation partner International Lifeline Fund says:

testimony-rouj“Another genius innovation from Prakti Design is their household charcoal stove called ‘Prakti-Rouj’. Today, Prakti-Rouj is considered the best household charcoal stove in Haiti with best performance, durability, usability, and appeal/aesthetic. The community satisfaction has been very high due to economical and environmental savings.” by Vahid Jahangiri, Deputy Director, International Lifeline Fund.

The Leo Charcoal has been tested by focus groups organized by the Paradigm Project in Kenya where it was ranked “Best Charcoal Stove”. The stove is also currently being piloted in Madagascar, Malawi, Senegal, and it aims to reach most of Africa’s urban homes and small restaurants.